Thematic user groups

The Atlas of the Living Environment currently focuses on 12 main themes. The aim of the Atlas team is to present all information relating to the themes in the most up-to-date form possible. For that reason the Atlas works with theme groups. Theme groups consist of experts from the field who are knowledgeable about a certain theme. Often, these experts are also (future) source owners of map material in the Atlas. By maintaining close contact with the theme group we are able to ensure that our maps and background information are up-to-date and accurate. In 2018 we are going to be focusing fully on the themes and will be organising a variety of meetings. We will also examine our related themes such as the Netherlands Pollutant Release and Transfer Register, Inspire and zoning and we will also assess how we can link up more effectively with the new Information Houses of the Digital Systems Environment and Planning Act (DSO).

Do you think that you can contribute to a theme group or do you have map material which is suitable for our themes? Please click the theme image for more information.



The Atlas Portal is changing all the time. The Atlas Portal is the ICT environment which various websites with our maps library run on, namely the Atlas of the Living Environment, the Atlas of Natural Capital, the National Energy Atlas and the various cooperation spaces. The Atlas Portal is not only what a user sees when he or she visits the website, but is also the underlying functionalities, such as an environment where a source owner (owner of a map) can add his/her map to our library of maps. The Atlas also changes along with new developments in the GeoICT world and this requires regular functional modifications of the ICT environment. We would be only too pleased to keep you up-to-date on these developments.

New map viewer

The new map viewer went live at the Atlas anniversary conference on 18 May 2017. What changes have been made? First and foremost the viewer has been modernised in terms of its look and feel and, in addition, the map selection has been made more intuitive for users. If you are using a tablet to view the library of maps, you will see that the new viewer can do everything you might expect of a map on a tablet. If you have any questions or suggestions which you would like to share with our team, please contact us using our contact form.

Download map images

It is possible to download the map image you are working in. As a consequence, you will be able, for example, to include map images in a (policy) report. One press of a button will provide you with an overview of which maps have been selected and the corresponding legends and information.


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