Kaart primaire waterkeringen

The map shows the dikes of the Netherlands with the various protection levels (in different colours).


Kaart overstromingen

This map shows where and how deep the Netherlands will be flooded if the primary water defences break.

Where will it stay dry?

Kaart droge verdiepingen

Which building has a dry floor where I can take shelter if there is a threat of flooding?

Heat map

Kaart UHI

The temperature in cities is higher than in surrounding villages and in the countryside. How warm does it get in your area?

Cooling down

Kaart verkoelend effect

Where can you find the cooler areas from green and/or blue space?

Apparent temperature

Kaart gevoelstemperatuur

On a summer's day, it can feel even hotter than the temperature on the thermometer indicates.

Pole rot

Kaart funderingsproblematiek

The foundation map shows the places where pole rot can be a problem.

Water on the streets

Kaart waterdiepte bij overstroming

When it rains very heavily, where and how much water ends up on the street?

Vulnerable areas

Kaart kwetsbare buurten voor klimaatrisico's

In these neighbourhoods, the climate risks are high, a large part of the residents are vulnerable elderly people and there are opportunities to improve the quality of life.

Climate risk

Kaart klimaatrisico's

Which neighbourhoods have the highest climate risks (heat stress and flooding)?

Vulnerable elderly

Kaart kwetsbare ouderen

In which neighbourhoods do vulnerable elderly people (less mobile and lonely) live?

Liveability of areas

Kaart leefbaarheid buurten

In which neighbourhoods are the opportunities for tackling climate change the greatest and do win-win situations arise?