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How do you live?

With one click you can check the score of your living environment. Your living environment is important for your health. How is the air quality? Are there many roads in the neighborhood that cause noise pollution? Does your neighborhood have a lot of green space where you can relax?

You can check you place when you are planning to move and want to get an impression of your new neighborhood. Make sure you also check out the stories of people who checked out their place on our Explore Your Neighborhood page.

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Do I breathe clean air?

Rook komt uit schoorsteen de lucht in

Everyone prefers to breathe the healthiest air possible. Air quality varies from place to place. Do you want to know the quality of the air in your living environment? Check your location: am I breathing clean air?

Explore the heritage

Forteiland pampus. Rond eiland van bovenaf gezien. Een fort met een haven

Explore which card combinations will make you experience heritage.

A healthy bicycle route

Illustratie gezonde fietsroute

Discover where you can enjoy a healthy bike ride in the province of Utrecht or plan a route near you.

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Kaart hunebedden en grafheuvels

Dolmens and burial mounds

Wind turbines

Windturbines op de kaart

Wind turbines in the Netherlands and the different axle heights



Kaart monumentale bomen

This map shows the monumental trees

Energy Labels

Energielabels Den Haag

Energy labels of houses and other buildings

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