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Check your place

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Check your place

How do you live?

With one click you can check the score of your living environment. Your living environment is important for your health. How is the air quality? Are there many roads in the neighborhood that cause noise pollution? Does your neighborhood have a lot of green space where you can relax?

You can check you place when you are planning to move and want to get an impression of your new neighborhood.

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Most viewed maps

Ambient noise in the Netherlands

Geluid in Nederland Lcum kaart Totaal omgevingsgeluid

This map provides an estimation for all noise sources combined. The map provides no indication of what is and is not allowed by the standards.

Air quality in the Netherlands

Kaart Luchtkwaliteitsindex

Do you want to know today's air quality? Have a look at this map on which we combine three pollutants (air quality index). The different colors show the (possible) effect on your health.


Kaart overstromingen

This map shows where and how deep the Netherlands will flood if the primary flood defenses break.

Nature network in the Netherlands

Kaart Natuurnetwerk Nederland

This map shows the network of existing and newly developed nature conservation areas.

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