Man kijkt naar lucht in Rotterdam

The Environmental Health Atlas offers you a wealth of information about your living environment.
You can use this site in several ways.

Under maps you can directly see which information is available in the Environmental Health Atlas with new maps and ideas for a healthy and sustainable living environment. 

Under Explore you will find information about the Environmental Health themes, such as air, noise, health or nature.
An introduction to the theme is followed by more information about health and policy. You will also find suggestions for preventing or limiting health problems or nuisance.
Background information, such as reports, and maps which are relevant to the theme are, of course, also referred to.

Most viewed maps

Particulate matter

Kaart gemiddelde concentratie Fijnstof 2017

Average levels of particulate matter (PM10) in the air in 2017.

Nitrogen dioxide

Kaart concentratie stikstofdioxide in 2017

Average levels of Nitrogen dioxide in the air in 2017.


Noise various sources

Kaart geluid in Nederland (Lden)

Noise road, rail, air traffic, industry and wind turbines (Lden)

PFAS measurements

Measurement locations used to derive temporary background value PFAS.

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